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B-Gap Tablet (1Tab)


B-Gap Tablet is Oral Contraceptive Tab. It is an easy, safe effective contraceptive for a woman wanting to delay her first pregnancy or space the next child. It is available in a single Tab for Six Month.


B Gap Birth Control Capsules herbal Ayurvedic (Prevents Pregnancy By Up to 6 Months)

Just One tablet of herbal B Gap tablet prevents unwanted pregnancy by up to 6 months.
One of the first herbal Ayurvedic female contraceptive pill that is helpful in avoiding unwanted and unplanned pregnancy.
This is a traditional herbal formulation based on Ayurvedic concepts that helps forming a salty layer on the ovum their by inhibiting the fertilization of ovum by sperm. B Gap is a kind of new revolution in the medical field as it is an herbal product that does not contains harmful hormones that has various side effects and ill effects in a woman’s health.

Benefit Of B Gap Tablet:-
1. Very effective and efficient
2. Safe with no side effects
3. Helpful in planning the pregnancy as per your terms.
4. One tablet avoids pregnancy for 6 months.
5. Being an Ayurvedic formulation there is no weight gain.
6. No hormonal disturbances.
7. Easy to use.
8. Menses begin on time.
9. No pain during menses.

How to use B Gap Ayurvedic Contraceptive Pill ?

B Gap tablet should be taken on the 5th day after menses are over. Swallow B Gap tablet early in the morning with water, empty stomach when menses are closed. Avoid intercourse for seven days.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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